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Spell Slots

"Spellslots" are critical in spellcasting when playing Dungeons and Dragons. While Spell Slots in D&D aren't that complex, they can be confusing to the new player. Watch this simple explanation and play like a pro.

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Personality traits, ideal, bonds & flaws

Roll play--doing what your character would do, it game--is a critical part of Dungons and Dragons. Learn how to leverage your Personality, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws to make your game play awesome!

Monster Challenge Ratings

Tweak the monsters in the Monster Manual up or down to make them an appropriate challenge rating for your players. Avoid the TPK (Total Party Kill), yet put fear into the hearts of your intrepid adventurers.

Top 10 Low-level monsters

Ready to TPK your level 1 or 2 party with seemingly innocent creatures? Try these. How in Midglaive did these monsters end up with such a low challenge rating?

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