So this is what passes for


D&D Memes
The Savvy Barbarian

A collection of snickers, chortles, and guffaws,

and some that just aren’t funny at all. Like, not even a little.

Why are some of these funny and some not? False. They are all hilarious, but you’ll only laugh at some of them because your sense of humor is ‘unique to you’ due to the fact that you are a completely unique individual, just like everyone else.

More attempted humor added almost daily

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Click the image to increase its capaciousness

Learned how to say "Hi" in mandarin

Every time I eat Cheetos

Always bring an action figure to fishing trips

May be time to change this out of the 'fridge

Redneck joyride

More Spam from Hogwarts

First signs of spring

More monounsaturated humor

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Game of Thrones

Am I going to hell for laughing at this?

Dog training going well

I don't get invited to baby showers anymore

Before hitting it big in movies, Peter Dinklage used to sell guitar picks

Don't care for girls with nose rings.

Flat tire in Alaska

There was a spider. Don't worry, we got 'im.

First signs of spring