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“Oh my goodness this guy knows how to put a great ending on a good story.”


Does The Barbarian know
Dungeons & Dragons?

Dice addiction

The Barbarian loves sweet-looking dice, and owns a good passel of dice sets.
Dice, combined with modifiers from D&D, help shape the story by statistically randomizing the likelihood of “that crazy thing your players want to do” actually happening.

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Playing D&D is one of the most fun things you can do with your skull. I spend a lot of time teaching and encouraging new Dungeon Masters how to run their game. Sure there’s some learning curve, but it’s not that hard compared to the fun you have in game.

I’ve got a YouTube channel, curiously entitled the Savvy Barbarian, where I help, teach, and maybe entertain Dungeon Masters. I also put up story starters to help DM’s get their campaigns going. Check it out.

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Don’t you hate it when the the heroine descends into the darkened basement in her nightgown armed with only a flickering candle? Or does that make the story more thrilling? It’s up to you. As a player, you make decisions that impact the story and change what happens in the game world. Finally a chance to do what the movies and video games can’t.┬áMy YouTube channel, The Savvy Barbarian, regularly doles out how-to’s, game mechanics, teaching and advice for players new and old in an informative, and hopefully entertaining way. Click the link, enjoy.

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Does the Barbarian
write books?

Oh heck yes! I love creating stories. I loose sleep when writing a good epic, it messes with my dreams. I write mostly in the fantasy genre, having teethed on Tolkien, Conan, Dungeons & Dragons, and even enjoyed Harry Potter.

If I sold enough books, I’d probably be a full time author or screenwriter. BTW, if you’re a big-time publisher or movie mogul, contact me, I’m up for conversation.

In the meantime, buying one of my books is one of the best ways you can support what I’m doing here and keep the creativity flowing. You’ll definitely be entertained, and the barbarian truly appreciates being able to eat. Money is actually necessary these days what with the government generally frowning on pillaging and the reaver lifestyle in general.

The next book (not pictured) is finished and is in editing now. It’s a techno-thriller instead of my usual fantasy themed book, though the ending of this new book is good–I’m betting you call in sick to work.

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Does the Barbarian
have videos?

Meet the Savvy Barbarian

This is an intro video to the Savvy Barbarian YouTube Channel. Gives you a heads up on what to expect from the channel and some other interests.

Worth the watch.

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The Savvy Barbarian on YouTube

Yes there are videos, and more every week!

The YouTube channel is primarily focused on Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game play. There’s information for Dungeon Masters as well as for players.

I’m straddling that line between informative and entertaining. As the wellspring of imagination never runs dry, I’ll never run out of topics to cover. I’ve got tips for players, story starters for DM’s, top 10 lists, game mechanics, snark, and generally helpful D&D goodness.

Whether you’ve been playing for 15 minutes or 15 years, you’ll find something to love, or hate… the barbarian understands the darkness.

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Can the Barbarian do
public speaking?

Public speaking is in the wheelhouse

After leading all those adventures in D&D through dragon infested caverns, did you really think the Barbarian can’t publicly speak? Yes he can.

Typically I’m engaged to talk about Dungeons & Dragons. I enjoy teaching people how to DM, and how to play, though I’ve done public speaking on a number of other topics as well.

Businesses will hire me to lead a group, such as their sales team or executive team, in a short-term D&D adventure for team-building purposes; however, I’m open to speaking on any topic I’m not morally opposed to.

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The Barbarian is a cowboy??

Cowboys are the modern-day barbarians

I wear boots, a hat and a cow named Buttercup.

Time to change your evaluation
of my cowboy reputation or we’ll have a conflagration over your feckless conversation.

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Buttercup will stand on your toe if provoked.